How it works

SmartLanguage is the newest and the fastest language learning method. It is similar to the learning method adopted by children who learn to speak their mother language. At first they listen to adults then they learn to imitate them and finally they create their own sentences and phrases.

These courses are based on the Imitum® method. Our brain is able to remember more if the information is received from more than one source, such as through hearing and sight at the same time (listening and reading).

SmartLanguage works for beginners just as well as for more advanced students. The learning levels are all the same. There is no beginner or advanced, it is all the same. Therefore it doesn't matter what level you are. This is an absolutely natural method of learning for people who believe they have no natural talent for foreign languages.

It will teach you how "to think in English". You will be able to understand native speakers and will speak with correct pronunciation. You will absorb and learn sentences, expressions and words in a natural way. You will also subconsciously also learn grammar by the repeatition of a large amount of sentences. Learn authentic language!