What will you get

Innovation - The most effective educational system the 3. generation for English language teaching. You listen to a native speaker, you use your logical memory – the most efficient type of memory where information is stored in the logical unit (a whole sentence, a story, a context).

Identity - One is as many times human as many languages one speaks. You'll learn not only to understand and speak English, but also think in English! You will not have to constantly translate the conversation into your native language!

Independence - You study anytime, anywhere and lessons in any order. Be your own man and organize your English study!

Simplicity - You´ll remember the vocabulary by the natural way – without swotting up. You listen and imitate the native speakers! Also the application is simple and friendly to use.

Efficiency - While studying you use 97 % of your senses (man receives 85 % of information visually, 12 % by hearing and only 3% by the other senses).

Entertainment – The lessons are created not only to teach you a new vocabulary, but also to entertain yourself with nice stories. In some lessons you may find useful advice (dealing strategy, time management, business correspondence, etc.).

Savings – “The time is money.” With SmartLanguage courses you'll learn English faster, cheaper and more effectively than with any other traditional methods.