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    These courses are based on the Imitum® method.
    Entertaining way to absorb English.
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#1 English language learning application

SmartLanguage is the newest and the fastest language learning method. It is similar to the learning method adopted by children who learn to speak their mother language. At first they listen to adults then they learn to imitate them and finally they create their own sentences and phrases.

Learn how to understand, speak and even think in English using SmartLanguage courses! All you need is your smartphone and a desire to learn. Native speakers have prepared and recorded real conversations for you, from which you will learn useful vocabulary. But not through memorisation!

Because in SmartLanguage you learn differently – naturally. The same way children learn their native language. You’ll just listen to English and imitate.

Learning is made easier by two features which you can turn on and off at any time:

karaoke – your smartphone will display the text of the recorded sentence. Each word you hear you will also see highlighted.

literal translations – in order to learn how to think in English (to form sentences directly in English and not just translate sentences from your native language), you won’t find grammatically correct translations in your native language in SmartLanguage; only literal translations. Below each English word, you will find its dictionary meaning, which will be sufficient for you to understand the sense of the sentence.