How to study

First of all - forget about any language learning method that you have used before. This is new!

SmartLanguage is so simple and friendly to use. The study plan is completely in your hands. You can study whenever you wish. Learning can take place anywhere while driving your car, riding your bike or even jogging! You will be listening to dialogues in the background thus your brain will think you are in an English environment.

  • You choose what you want to learn. There is no need to take lessons in any particular order.
  • Go to the next sentence only when you have learnt the current one. You can return to any sentence anytime.
  • Every lesson consists of several situations and is usually ended with additional phrases or useful expressions.
  • You concentrate on sentences not just single words!

SmartLanguage lets you repeat every sentence before moving on to the next one. While you are listening to a sentence every single word will be highlighted on your display. You will see word for word translation to your language under every English sentence. Every sentence is translated literally therefore it won't have to be grammatically correct. No unnecessary translations! The word for word translation will substitute a dictionary - you will know the exact translation and on top of that it will be in the context of the whole sentence.

Once you remember the meaning of a sentence, you can remove the word for word translation and concentrate on the pronunciation. You can test yourself with hidden translations to prove your understanding of the sentence and its meaning.

Listen to sentences again and again and imitate the native speaker. You can repeat them as many times as you like.

After each study unit it is recommended that you relax for at least 15 minutes, if possible. This will lead to a larger amount of learning and information retention.

Why do you have to listen to sentences recorded by native speakers and repeat them? This method will teach you to understand native speakers, pronounce correctly, think in English without a translation and as a side effect you will absorb vocabulary and grammar - without learning it by heart!

SmartLanguage is the fastest language learning method available to you!