They wrote about us

Petr Kubíček, Olomouc

My work does not allow me to enrol a language school and attend regular English lessons, because I spend a lot of time on business trips. But I need English and thus I tried different teach-yourself books. Often happened to me that I had to wait for something and I had an hour off, but I didn't have my text book with me. Moreover, the text book didn't teach me the right pronunciation. It brought me only some grammar base. After that my friend recommended me SmartLanguage and my English has improved. I can study anywhere, because I carry my iPhone® everywhere with me. And what's more, I don't have to translate from Czech to English before I say something. This is because I've been managing to think in English. I would welcome further lessons.... like phrasal verbs!

Note: The phrasal verb course is being created.

Milena Dolejší, Hradec Králové

Every day I commute to work by train nearly an hour. It was wasting of time for me – I lost two hours by commuting each day. I tried to take a book with me but it was too heavy to carry it whole day. When I came across an English education in iPhone I immediately knew that this is the right way for me. I get on the train, put on headphones and set on SmartLanguage. My English has improved, I don't mind commuting and iPhone is more practical than text book and also smaller and more lightweight. I listen to the native speakers and imitate them successfully (of course, when I'm the only person in compartment). I can only recommend.